Quality and prevention

Quality and prevention: CE Marking & ISO 9001:2015

The main objective of CUALIMETAL is to carry out the defined processes with the highest level of cuality incorporating differentiating values, technical skills, imagination and innovative solutions that enable the company to be in the best position in the market.


In this way, CUALIMETAL orients all its resources and efforts on identifying and meeting the requirements and needs of its customers. This orientation is reflected in the Cuality Management System dynamically focused on continuous improvement.


In this sense, CUALIMETAL has established and implemented a Quality Management Integrated System based on the requirements of the standards UNE - EN - ISO 9001:2015.

At the same time, CUALIMETAL has a Control of production in factory (EXC2) certified by APPLUS+  for Manufacture of Industrial Buildings and Components of structures of steel (CE Marking) according to the harmonized standard UNE-EN-1090-1:2009 A1:2011.


These certifications allow us to a continuous improvement of our products to meet changing demands and expectations of our customers and pre-empt their future needs, offering excellent conditions in terms of service, price and cuality.

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