R&D + Innovation Department

Ever since we first started in the construction of modular and made-to-measure industrial buildings, back in 1993, our Research, Development and Innovation (R&D + Innovation) Department, the backbone of all our products and brands, has been continuously developing and evolving.


Thanks to our team's continuous research into metal structures and our customers' different needs, we have been able to develop made-to-measure, adaptable solutions. Moreover, our solutions always guarantee top quality and protection, supported by a range of studies, ongoing research and our ISO 9001:2015 certification and CE marking.


In our quest for continuous development, CUALIMETAL was the first Spanish company to be granted the CE mark for lightweight construction products, supplying modular buildings (ECORAPID®, PLENAVE®,  MECARAPID® NAVERAPID®, MARQUISOL®...) that offer top quality and guarantees.


R&D + Innovation Strategy

 The CUALIMETAL R&D and Innovation Department helps develop the “Design and assembly of industrial buildings and metal enclosures”:

  • Deeply committed to continually improving our company’s products.
  • Conducting technical studies to investigate issues raised by the Technical Department.
  • Developing new designs for products, processes and services and providing specific calculations, plans as well as other documentation for testing prototypes and conducting pilot projects.
  • Technological innovation, improving production and manufacturing processes through new equipment and IT programs.
  • Mechanisms to protect new products: patents, utility models, etc.
  • Managing the company’s products and brands.
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