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CUALIMETAL, in the vanguard of the existing constructive solutions, with emblematic projects, thanks to their range of registered and patented products in our R&D department can cover any necessity in modular or traditional construction market, from warehouses, factories, hangars, production centers, offices or simple extensions for already existing facilities, to high level great international projects. Its modular and prefabricated products, ECORAPID®, PLENAVE®, MECARAPID®, NAVERAPID® and MARQUISOL® are easily extendable by incorporation of modules in front or back part, allowing the growth together with our company.



Our knowledge of this sector since 1993 combines experience and dynamism offering the most effective solutions to our national and international clients.


Light structures formed in steel prefabricated modules

Folding and mobile character, made to measure materials received just in work site, let the client get a supply price around 50 €/m2. Possibility  of changing position of modular prefabricated building in just a short time, being also a 100% recoverable and dismountable building.


Rapid delivery and assembly processes (around 2 weeks)

Agility and rapidity characterizes to CUALIMETAL facing any international request, offering personalized solutions and treatment by our engineering. Thus we get a market diversification and a consolidation in those countries where we are already introduced.



Modular and prefabricated structures are easily transportable being able to palletize more than 1.000 m2 inside a container, perfect for the exportation.


Quality and guarantee

Our modular systems ECORAPID®, PLENAVE®, MECARAPID®, NAVERAPID® and MARQUISOL®  fulfill the Technical Code of Construction, the Eurocode and all regulations existing in any country  where to install our industrial buildings.

Minimum foundations

Our modular systems ECORAPID®, PLENAVE®, MECARAPID®, NAVERAPID® and MARQUISOL®, braced in bases, allow that necessary foundations for installation is minimum, simple and with a low cost, what it means a great saving.

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