MECARAPID - Large dimensions modular hangars and warehouses

MECARAPID. Large dimensions modular metal buildings. Prefabricated hangars and warehouses

Modular hangars MECARAPID®  are metal buildings of large dimensions, whom allow reach lights that ECORAPID® systems cannot reach.


Characteristics of metal modular building MECARAPID®:


Hangars and buildings MECARAPID® serve, in their standards, needs:

  • Up to 40 meters clear width
  • Up to 12 meters maximum height
  • Buildings without limit of length with distance between portal frames from 5 to 7 meters
  • One slope or two slopes structure
  • With a wide range of colors for metal cladding



MECARAPID® consists of prefabricated modular metal structure, that incorporating the type of cover and facade you need (metal, concrete, etc.) conform the building or warehouse modular prefabricated suitable for every need.

Advantages of the metal modular building MECARAPID®:


Industrial or agricultural buildings and modular warehouses  MECARAPID®  allow reach lights that ECORAPID® systems cannot reach, both systems are prefabricated buildings fast and economic. Its advantages are:

a) Economic buildings: Prefabricated buildings and modular hangars MECARAPID® have a budget known by the customer in advance. Closed and economic price.

b) Fast hangars:

  • Prefabricated buildings of fast manufacture:  in 3 weeks the building completed.
  • Modular hangars of fast assembly: very agile. Assembly (own staff) of metal structure, roof and facade is completed in minimum time, depending on the size of prefabricated building.

c) Cuality modular buildings

  • Product with CE marking.
  • Prefabricated technology buildings.
  • Prefabricated buildings whose modular metal structure complies with the regulations in force (snow and wind loads required for industrial construction).
  • Modular buildings whose standard incorporates metal structure galvanized, according to customer's need, system 100% screwed, metal prelacquered claddings, meeting points of assembly, even gutters and water flow systems.

d) Versatile building:

  • 100% detachable and transportable buildings
  • Expandable buildings of simple and economic way
  • Buildings suitable for any type of slap.

e) Buildings suitable for export.

Thanks to its modular and light metal structure, modular buildings MECARAPID®  can be transported easily and cost-effectively.

·          Up to 12 meters maximum height.

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