NAVERAPID - Prefabicated steel warehouses

NAVERAPID. Prefabricated buildings with metal structure and prefabricated modular steel warehouse relocatable

Prefabricated warehouses NAVERAPID® up to 24 m wide, with the possibility of reaching greater heights or loads than with the ECORAPID® system. The modular metal structure comprises light, cold-formed headers and hot-rolled pillars (standard profiles) with a galvanized finish. This system is also compatible with the installation of gantry crane.


Characteristics of the NAVERAPID®  modular metal buildings:


The NAVERAPID®  warehouses and hangars can meet the following needs, according to their standards:

•  width up to 24 meters, warehouse free space
•  Possibility of reaching higher heights or loads than the  ECORAPID®  system. 

•  unlimited warehouse length by means of a modular structure with 5-7 meter interaxis.
•  structure can be adapted to single sloping or gable roofs

•  main structure made of hot rolled-columns and cold-formed roof beams with galvanized coating.

•  Compatible system with the installation of gantry cranes.

•  a wide range of colors for the warehouse metal cladding



For greater requirements, the case must be analyzed based on location or a made-to-measure warehouse from CUALIMETAL, S.A.U can be built.


NAVERAPID®  consists of a modular prefabricated metal frame to which the type of roof and facades you require (metal, concrete, etc,) are added in order to get the prefabricated modular warehouse or storage building which best suits every need.


Advantages of the NAVERAPID® modular metal buildings:


The NAVERAPID® modular industrial and agricultural warehouses and storage buildings are synonymous with inexpensive, fast prefabricated warehouses. Their advantages are:


a)  Inexpensive warehouses. Clients receive a quote of the costs of the NAVERAPID® prefabricated warehouses and modular storage buildings. A fixed and inexpensive price. In addition, there is a limited need for foundations for the lightweight modular metal frame.


b)  Fast warehouses

•  Rapidly manufactured prefabricated warehouses: in 2 weeks, a full warehouse complete with metal frame, roof and facades.
•  Fast to assemble modular warehouses: very agile. The assembly (our own staff) of the metal frame, roof and facades is completed in times starting from 3 days, depending on the size of the prefabricated warehouse.


c)  Cuality warehouses

•  Technological prefabricated warehouses. Both the lightweight removable metal frame and the NAVERAPID® brand have been registered with the Patent and Trademark Office by CUALIMETAL, S.A.U

•  Prefabricated warehouses whose modular metal structure complies with the legislation in force (snow and wind loads required for industrial construction).

•  The standard for these modular warehouses includes the galvanized steel frame, no welding (100% bolted), zinc-plated bolts and prepainted metal cladding, finishes, including gutters and a water drainage system which also prevents water from entering from the ground.

•  Prefabricated modular warehouses to which each client's desired finishes can be added: a fireproof treated frame, metal roof and facades (different panel or sheet thickness), concrete, wood, glass, resembling Moorish tiles in the roof or wood in the facade…


d)  Versatile warehouses. These warehouses are modular, which allows them to be considered:

•  100% removable warehouses.
•  Modular warehouses which can be relocated at a low cost.
•  Warehouses which can be easily and economically expanded.
•  Warehouses which can be assembled in any kind of terrain, even in those where other buildings are not allowed or feasible.
•  Warehouses which can suit any needs, from a small storage building to an industrial complex, as well as photovoltaic buildings with solar panels, workshops, agricultural buildings, classrooms for schools, shops, car dealers, sports complexes, metal hangars, temporary buildings, sheds, etc.


e)  Warehouses suitable for export. Thanks to their modular design and lightweight steel frame, the NAVERAPID®  modular warehouses can be transported easily and economically. In some cases modular buildings up to 1000m2 in area can be transported in a single container.

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