PLENAVE- Folding Industrial Buildings

PLENAVE. Prefabricated folding buildings with metal modular steel structure relocatable

What is PLENAVE®?

PLENAVE® is a prefabricated building with a folding, fully recoverable metal structure, allowing it to be relocated to new locations in record time. Discover for yourself all our models of modular buildings.


Nave modular plegable y desmontable. Sistema Plenave.

What is PLENAVE® system?

The PLENAVE® system is a prefabricated industrial building, with a steel structure.  It is fully dismountable, transportable and folding and as an industrial building it has many uses, for instance as a warehouse, hangar, workshop, etc. It offers the same cuality as other types of structure, but with the peculiarities that it can be folded away and totally dismantled. Thus 100% of the material that comprise it, including the metal enclosures and the steel structure, can be recovered.  It can be dismantled and located somewhere else in record time, due to its patented folding system, which enables it to be transported, fully assembled, by lorry.  Average on site assembly times of less than one week are considered for the prefabricated building. 


The PLENAVE® is comprised of the union of prefabricated steel modules, which are entirely manufactured in workshop. These prefabricated modules, which will later make up the prefabricated building, can easily be transported by lorry as they can be completely folded (the industrial building walls fold away under the roof). This prefabricated building can also be fully dismantled, and on being comprised of prefabricated and folding modules, which can be transported by lorry, the client can change the location of his industrial building as he requires in record time (2 or 3 days).  All the material that comprises the prefabricated industrial building can be recovered  



PLENAVE®  is a modular industrial building, easy to dismantle and fully recoverable. It consists of the joint of several independent modules, which frame is made by cold-laminated galvanized profiles. The building as a whole is sealed at either end by gables.

Easy to transport : none of our modules are more than 2.30 meters long, allowing them to be transported fully finished, on a lorry or container, to where they are to be installed.

Easy to assemble : the modules are delivered to the site folded, and are unfolded using a crane until all the modules of the building have been secured.


At CUALIMETAL, we have developed 7 models with standard dimensions, which can be adapted to any need:


Nave modular prefabricada. Sistema plegable PLENAVE.

- PLENAVE® 7.3

- PLENAVE® 10.4
- PLENAVE® 12.5

- PLENAVE® 15.6

- PLENAVE® 17.6

- PLENAVE® 20.6

                                                                                          - PLENAVE® 24.7


The sides of these modules can incorporate doors and windows. There are 4 types of modules in the 7 models: closed module, steel personnel door module, double steel personnel door module and window module.

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