PLENAVE. Prefabricated folding buildings with metal modular steel structure relocatable


This is an industrial building which is easy to dismantle and can be fully recovered.


It consists of the joint several modules whose sides can incorporate doors and windows. There are 4 types of modules. The building is sealed at either end by gables.

It is recommended that the ground on which the building is to be installed be completely smooth concrete.


The length of the building depends on the number of modules, and will therefore always be a multiple of 2.27 metres.


Technical Data:
Width of building: 23850 mm
Free internal height: 6500 mm
External height: 6775 mm




Modules available : Closed, Steel personnael door, Double steel personel door, Window

Ends : Closed Gable, Door Gable, Door/Window Gable



Technical Features

Assembly Process

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