RAPIDSOL - Modular photovoltaic tables.

Metal structure photovoltaic tables.

Through our engineering, we have developed a new metal structure product. This is the RAPIDSOL ®photovoltaic table, a system designed and manufactured 100% in our company with a new profiling machine.


Our photovoltaic table is aimed especially at the construction of photovoltaic parks, contributing to the generation of clean energy.


RAPIDSOL® is characterized by:

  • It is fixed structure allows for quick and easy assembly, as well as a modern and durable aesthetic.
  • Offers the possibility of manufacturing the structure with zero carbon footprint steel.
  • It is a product that can be installed on different floors: on the ground using a driving system, or on foundations using a quick and simple screwed system.


This system is delivered in kit format, including all the material to 100% assemble the structure: already perforated profiles, connecting pieces, as well as the screws for the structure and the modules. In addition to an assembly manual with detailed instructions.

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