Modular buildings

Prefabricated modular buildings with modular metal structure

CUALIMETAL, S.A. has several registered metal frame buildings. Among the modular warehouses, halls, hangars, etc... we should highlight the brands:

        ECORAPID®.Prefabricated modular warehouses and storage buildings

        PLENAVE®. Folding and removable modular buildings.

        MECARAPID®. Large dimensions modular hangars and warehouses.

        NAVERAPID®. Prefabricated modular warehouses with gantry cranes.

        MARQUISOL®. Modular metallic canopy for vehicle.


These modular buildings with a lightweight steel frame can meet any needs for inexpensive, fast and versatile warehouses with a removable metal frame. This is a list of some of these needs for buildings of which you can find references you can see in the photographs in the section for each product:

•  Industrial warehouses, workshops and production centers.
•  Agricultural warehouses and storage buildings.
•  Modular warehouses for logistics and transportation, with a modular metal frame for easy expansion.
•  Metal frame warehouses, temporary or permanent, for urgent needs in case of accidents, disasters, urgent warehouse replacement, etc.
•  Prefabricated modular buildings for trade fairs , which can be expanded, transported, etc.
•  Expansion of existing facilities (adjoining or detached warehouses).
•  Buildings for supermarkets, shopping malls, points of sale, exhibitors, etc.
•  Hangars for airfields (aviation). Metal frame. Relocatable.
•  Metal modular structures for schools, training centers, classrooms, etc.
•  Sports centers.
•  Roofs for tennis and paddle courts.
•  Animal pounds and stables.
•  Buildings for nurseries and gardens.
•  Modular buildings for automotive repair workshops, for easy expansion.
•  Buildings for gravel pits.
•  Car washes.
•  Frame and ceiling like a shed or “porch”.
•  Buildings to temporarily cover machinery and work tools or machines under repair (trains, etc.).
•  Development of industrial warehouses and sheds.
•  Warehouses for industrial recycling, scrap yards, etc.
•  Modular sheds. Prefabricated sheds. Removable sheds.
•  Industrial warehouses. Prefabricated warehouses. Removable warehouses.
•  Industrial sheds. Modular industrial sheds. Prefabricated industrial sheds.
•  Industrial tanks. Agricultural tanks.
•  Metal shelters. Steel shelters. Metal roofs.
•  Industrial camps. Temporary camps.
•  Modular warehouses and metal sheds for export.
•  Others...

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