Technical features

PLENAVE. Prefabricated folding buildings with metal modular steel structure relocatable

Technical features & specifications  


PLENAVE® is a kind of industrial building that can be dismantled easily and completely recovered because is based on a modular construction method. The structure of these modules consists of porticos made of cold-laminated and galvanized profiles. The modules are delivered, folded to the worksite. They can be unloaded and assembled just with a crane. The industrial buildings are closed off at each open end by means of the gable ends.

The structure of each module consists of two resistant porticos, placed at the end of both sides of the building and separated between them 2.23 meters for models PLENAVE® 7.3, PLENAVE® 10.4 and PLENAVE® 12.5, and 2.27 meters for models PLENAVE® 15.6, PLENAVE® 17.6, PLENAVE® 20.6 and PLENAVE® 24.7 , this being the length of each module. The porticos are made of cold-formed galvanised steel sheet, type C profiles. These profiles are joined by plates made from steel sheet. All joints of the building are bolted. In addition to safety anchoring, all bolts are also highly resistant, cuality 8.8, with a minimum elastic limit of 640 MPa.

PLENAVE® structure complies with the following regulation:
The Spanish Technical Construction Code (CTE)

The length of the building is always equal to the number of modules multiplied by the length of every module, which is 2.23 or 2.27 m. under different models, plus 200 mm for the front gable and 200 mm for the rear one. Therefore, the length required can be obtained by assembling the necessary modules. All joints between modules, like all joints of the building, are bolted.

There are two types of roof cladding. If it is an opaque roof is required it will be made of pre-lacquered and galvanized steel sheet with a trapezoidal cross-section. If a translucent cladding roof is required, these sheets will be alternated with polyester sheets for the simple covering option, and with 30 mm of polycarbonate cellular panels for the insulated covering option. All roofs are gabled, with a roof pitch of 10%.

The vertical claddings are made of pre-lacquered and galvanized steel sheet, with a trapezoidal cross-section. They are reinforced at the bottom with a galvanised steel profile with the same features as the profiles used for the porticos. The sheet is bolted to this profile and to the profiles of the module structure.

The gable ends seal both sizes of the building. There are three types of gable available: closed gable end, door gable end and window gable end. Gable ends are joined to the building in situ, using special cramp-irons, with water-tightness guaranteed by joints.

The door gable has a double-leaf hinged door, manually opened with counterweights, and a personnel door incorporated. It consists of steel profiles covered with pre-lacquered and galvanized steel sheeting with a trapezoidal cross-section, fitted to the structure with steel rivets.

Insulation is optional. The insulation offered by PLENAVE® is sandwich “in situ”, doubly covered with galvanized and pre-lacquered steel paneling with a trapezoidal cross-section and interior thermal insulation of IBR of 80 mm of total thickness. The insulation is made in the factory.


Every building is supplied with the modules folded and the gable sections separated. It is transported by truck to the point where the building will be installed. The number of trucks needed depends on the length of the building. Just a crane is needed for the assembly.

Buildings can be dismantled by removing the fitting joining from the modules, folding and placing them on a truck.

CUALIMETAL will provide the customer a detailed plan of minimum ground requirements, although we recommend a completely smooth concrete surface. The building will be anchored once is assembled.

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